Technical Background for the World of Atlas

The World of Atlas is Lichhunter’s home world. It has been adventured upon for the last twenty years. The majority of this adventuring has taken place fairly far away from Wheland in the Kingdom of Polfany in the eaves of the Ariades Mountains — where Atlas holds up the world on Fulcrum Mountain. Naturally, the myth of Atlas from the Greeks has been bent considerably. For those that don’t like to see the bending of traditional Myths (call him Oklos). The world itself is a fairly traditional Mediterranean model with Wheland modeled loosely off England and the relative distance from Atlas on Fulcrum Mountain is about the distance from England to the Alps.. During Lichhunter’s campaigns, Wheland has been adventured upon only briefly so its virgin snow for adventurers and game masters alike.
The rule set Lichhunter used was an amalgamation of all the game systems he had played through his long life gaming. Runequest for skills and spirit combat, D&D spells for wizards, a points based casting system, Star Wars combined with Marvel Super Heroes for runes and otheris. The fusion was called Fellowship, but it is in the process of being retired.

The reason for its retirement is that it’s idosyncrocies are often locked up in Lichhunter’s head and no one besides he and his gaming group have ever used it.

The Pathfinder Role Playing Game provides a great open gaming system that many people use, it’s not going to be retired anytime soon, and fits reasonably with the context of Wheland and the rest of the world. There are a few things that Lichhunter can’t let go of however. The skills based progression of Runequest and the runes and otheris of those with Ancient Grable blood and the Elves. These features will be explained on other pages within the site and will be linked here once those explanations exist.