Lizard Men

Lizardman Priest
Lizardman Soldier

Rune Lore
DC 11The beast rune and man rune are diametrically opposed.

Monster Lore
DC 12 Recognize a creature as a Lizardman.

DC 18Lizard Men are the bane of man.  These beast rune creatures have competitive intelligence to their runic counterpoint.  They hatch from eggs in large bodies of fresh water or flooded underground caves and survive as lizard children in a tadpole like state until one year of age.  At that point, their legs are strong enough that they can walk bipedal and leave the water to join their brethren.

DC 23 – Lizard Men develop much faster than their human rivals.  Coming of age is at 5 years old.  Their life span is much shorter, however, and a 40 year old Lizard Man is considered elderly.

DC 28 – With the short development cycle one might think the Lizard Man would conquer the world with its never ending supply of warriors.  The downside to quick physical development is fundamental knowledge and skill levels take twice as long for a Lizard Man to achieve 10 for level 1, 14 for level 2, 18 for level 3, etc.

DC 33 – This slow skill development also applies to magic.  So powerful spell-casters are very rare within the population.