Types of Hobgoblins
Hobgoblin Sentry
Hobgoblin Shaman
Hobgoblin Shaper
Hobgoblin Soldier
Hobgoblin Worker


DC 11 – Hobgoblins are goblins that have forsaken the Disorder rune and turned to Chaos.  They are superior to goblins in every way.  Stronger, wiser, faster, heartier.   Their abandonment of the Disorder Rune created a rigid structure to their ideas and society.  Very strict.  Very organized.   Rare traits for chaotic creatures.

DC 15 – Hobgoblin females are treated as property.  They have no rights within hobgoblin society.  They are generally chosen for their physical attributes.  Ugly hobgoblin females are generally killed.  Hobgoblin females can be easy on the eyes even for humans.  The most beautiful of them can be mistaken for elves by the uneducated and some houses of ill repute in human cities capitalize on that fact.

DC 20 — The society is hierarchical with a military bent.  The ruler of a tribe is usually called General.  The position is gained through force.  Personal combat is not emphasized in Hobgoblin society.  Hobgoblins are actually significantly more advanced in thought than human barbarians.  There is a military court of law with beheading as the punishment for most crimes – cowardice, betrayal, or theft.  When a hobgoblin comes of age, he pledges loyalty to the General and the tribe.  Any transgression against the tribe then becomes a betrayal and punishable by death.  For hobgoblins, actions speak louder than words, so most hobgoblins feel free to speak their mind without too much fear of reprisal.  Personal insults are common, but rarely lead to conflict, and never bloodshed.

DC 20 – goblins find hobgoblins to be deadly dull.  Hobgoblins like to enslave goblins.

DC 20 – the ritual for turning goblins into hobgoblins requires a barghest spirit.

DC 25 – Hobgoblins and goblins can’t reproduce.  Hobgoblin fetuses kill the host goblin mother before full term.  Hobgoblin females would never mate with a goblin male and vice versa.  Hobgoblin females are fertile.

DC 25 – Hobgoblins no longer possess power over the disorder rune.  War and fire rune (sometimes both) are common.

DC 25 – Hobgoblins have no written language making the study of magic no n-existent among the tribes.

DC 25 – There are however many priests and shamans who channel magical power from gods and ancestors.

DC 30 – Hobgoblins like violent puppet shows like Punch and Judy as well as goblin theater as entertainment. “Little things hitting each other, that’s what they like to see.”

DC 35 – Hobgoblins that convert to hobgoblinism from goblinhood truly forget they ever were a goblin.

DC 35 – Bugbears are hobgoblins that have lived in a harsh cold climate for several generations.  They share the same genetics and often mate freely between the two races.  Bugbears are to hobgoblins as barbarians are to civilized folk.

DC 40 – on rare occasions an uncomely hobgoblin female is too powerful to kill.  These hobgoblin females are called matrons.  Even generals treat these females with respect and fear.  When a matron is born to a tribe, the tribe is often under control of the matron, though her orders are delivered through the General who obeys her.