Gazetteer – 04a021106 – Tombeii


Tombeii was a rune patron of storm. He initially aided Earth Eater in his fight with Air Eater helping to beat that titan down into insignificance. He then realized his mistake as Earth Eater continued to destroy Oklos and all the creatures that lived upon it. He tried to control the Air Titan through the storm rune, but Earth Eater had become too strong.  Earth Eaters form was of a massive hurricane ravaging Oklos with strength building not decreasing over land through the consumption of earth.

Tombeii entered in a pact with Fire Eater the great titan of water to help minimize the damage Earth Eater could do. Fire Eater absorbed the water Earth Eater would use to dump torrential rains on the earth to soften it up for consumption.  Earth Eater became a storm solely of wind not rain nor thunder nor lighting. In wind form, Air Eater could fight back again and a balance was achieved between the two titans. As a truce, the two titans decided to wed – Mother Earth and Father Sky.

Tombeii opened a door to the storm plane for Father Sky and Mother Earth to enter along with him. They built a wonderful home on the border of the storm and earth planes. They live there happily to this day.

This act of heroism earned Tombeii worshipers among both the Windon and Ineran tribes. With the worship by these barbarians, Tombeii became a god.

His worship was prevalent in Oklos throughout the Age of Titans but it began to diminish during the Age of Runes. The ceremonies for Tombeii were primitive ones involving ritual dance and self-sacrifice. As the Grable Empire pushed west across Oklos, it brought civilization to the tribes. The barbarians that once worshiped Tombeii were seduced by the creature comforts of what the Grables had to offer. Those that remained loyal to Tombeii rebelled against the empire. Soon Tombeii worship became outlawed and Tombeii’s power shrunk further.

Angered by the Grables, Tombeii decided to create a great storm to flood the Empire and its hubris. He journeyed to the south to find allies and thought he found them in Vescaly. The people there were creating their own civilization and didn’t want to be overrun by the advancing Grables.

The Vescalians revered the Earth Mother and admired Tombeii for his help in placating Father Sky. They named him Jupiter and built temples in his honor. Tombeii was happy in Vescaly and met Alaysa, an island goddess. She was exotic and seductive and Tombeii became infatuated with her. His infatuation was returned with Alaysa’s love.

When Tombeii sought to leave and lead an army north against the Grables, Alaysa became jealous. She imprisoned him on an island in a cavernous vault at the bottom of her volcanic home. (The same Mount Alaysa featured in Episode 3 of The Dangers of Daggermore available to watch on YouTube.)

There Tombeii staying through the Age of Runes and the Age of Chaos. He was freed near the end of the Age of Chaos by the Heroes of Atlas.

By that time, his worship had disappeared except for one small tribe of storm barbarians living on the island. The Age of Magic has seen Tombeii’s worship pick up a bit. The Heroes of Atlas became storm spirits for a while and piloted the Great Storm Gullywasher to destroy a temple of Baphomet that was breeding chaos among minotaurs in Storm Country.

Beast people long searching for a protector began to worship the god of storms.  There were relics of Tombeii worship still hidden in caves and burial mounds.  Beast People now adventure to find more history of their new god.