Gazetteer – 04a021105 – Silver Moon

Silver Moon

Silver Moon is the daughter of Atlas and Fate. She was born on the eve of the Beast’s reanimation.

Her presence denied the armies of chaos the advantage of sorcery. The wizards and sorcerers of the armies resisting the Beast could cast powerful magic without the fear of chaos warping their magic against them. The Silver Moon was a newborn goddess and vulnerable, she had little divinity in her, but Atlas and Fate protected their child during the battle and Silver Moon in turn protected the wizards and sorcerers of Oklos. After the victory, those wizards and sorcerers who were aided by the young goddess continued to pay homage to her. She rose into the heavens and began to orbit the world as the red moon had done. The Age of Magic had begun.

During the Age of Titans there had never been a Chaos Eater. Chaos had not emerged in the world, yet, so there was no titan that consumed the rune. There was also no titan that consumed the fate rune either because there was no counterpoint to build up resistance to all the fate consumption. Those fledgling titans that developed a taste for the fate rune bogged down with an overload of fate. The Gray Fate Sisters were like this and they became quite deformed and monstrous. The Beast was essentially the first titan that ate Fate and he threatened to consume all of the world since there was no titan to challenge him.

The goddess, Fate, realized this.  She devised a plan to defeat Lia, the drow goddess denying her entry into Oklos. Once defeated, Fate could mate with a titan to produce a Chaos Eater. This chaos eating titan is Silver Moon.

The worship of Silver Moon is still evolving. She is only 10 years old and still young in mind and body. She also still hungers for the chaos rune for nourishment. She does not want to leave the heavens though to pursue her hunger so she has established an order of chaos fighters within her temple who seek out chaos to kill in her name. Through a ritual of her clerics, the energy from slain chaos creatures is transported up to the Silver Moon to feed her.

Given the adventurous nature of those who battle chaos, sects have formed inside the temple of the Silver Moon dedicated to different aspects of adventuring. These sects have adopted the Heroes of Atlas Mountain as their role models. The Heroes of Atlas Mountain were a band of four adventurers led by Duke Tarvan, the Hand of Fate and Death. Zavan Lawgiver, a Gable born hunter with the instinct and law runes flowing through his veins, Karl, priest of Atlas, and Ulric Obermeyer, the court wizard of Strandi rounded out the group. In their honor, there are now the Hands of Fate and Death, the Z rangers, the Mauls of Karl , and the Wolf Wizards of Ulric acknowledged as official sects within the temples of the Silver Moon goddess.