Gazetteer – 04a021104 – Hadron


Stars are entities that consume food for energy. For stars to shine so bright and long, Mith had to create a counterpoint to amplify their power. Cora named this counterpoint, “death,” and the energy that burned in stars, “life.”

Cora learned from Mith about the consumption of energy through fuel or food that sustains the “life” of a star. For life to sustain, a balance of death must be maintained. The fuel for stars is consumed and “dies,” just like the food for Cora’s first born came from plants and animals that died to sustain the elves’ lives.

Hadron was the first star made by Mith. Hadron consumed all the food it had to eat and then went dark. Mith loved his first star like a son. He did not want to discard Hadron’s remains into Grinder. Instead, he thought long about existence and the plane of life that gave birth to not only his stars, but himself. If there is a plane of life, then there should be a counter plane of death to keep things in balance. He used the abundance of death rune leftover by Hadron’s demise to create a plane. Lurking in that hunk of death rune was a small remnant of what Hadron was in life – the string by which the life and death runes within it were tethered – Hadron’s soul. This tether now had a place to go and it drifted peacefully into a sea of nothing.

As eons past, the death plane grew as new stars contributed their death rune to it. Mith had little control over this plane. He was a creature of life and the death rune was alien to him and resisted his influence. Cora was much the same way. Her elves were immortal and she viewed the plane of death as a trash heap to house the refuse of unimportant things.

As the souls of Cora’s creations came to this “trash heap,” the plane of death lost much of its former serenity. Hadron disapproved of this development. He sought to organize the souls into groups to maintain order. Many souls resisted him. The leader of this resistance was murder itself – Demogorgon. A war raged between the two factions. Demogorgon had countless souls at his command, the ones discarded by Cora, but Hadron had the allegiance of the stars.

The masses of Demogorgon were no match for the supreme power of the gas giants. Demogorgon was forced to flee the plane and Hadron continued with his attempts to corral the immigrating souls into ordered groups. This victory established Hadron as the ruler of the plane – the Lord of Death.

A treatise could be written about the Lord of Death and his plane. The secrets of divinity exist there with details of how the power of souls fuels much of a god’s power. A pentagram is a symbol of Hadron.  Skilled drawing of one with perfect proportions opens a conduit to the plane of death.  Candles and runes can help target which realm of the plane of death is reached.

Hadron created a river to border all the realms he carved into his plane. Some souls need a shepherd in the afterlife while others need a jailor. Hadron capitalized on the nature of divinity to enlist gods to be his shepherds and jailors.

For a soul to reach the appropriate realm a skilled boatman able to navigate the treacherous rapids of the river of the underworld is needed. These boatman come to a dead soul, sever the tether between life and death with a scythe, and escort the soul to its final destination.

Hadron conscripts the best sailors from Oklos to become boatmen upon their deaths. This practice finds many sailors worshiping Hadron to make sure that the Lord of Death notices their skills.

In addition to sailors, hedonists often worship Hadron because they know that the pleasures in life are fleeting and that they should be enjoyed while life lasts. Pleasures of the flesh like food, wine, “spirits,” sex, and narcotics are often part of Hadron ceremonies and rituals. The term “spirits” for liquor is derived from the alcoholism many of Hadron’s mortal flock have. “You can’t take it with you” is a common saying amongst Hadronites along with “Live fast and die young.”