Gazetteer – 04a021103 – Gyp


Gyp is Stasis Eater from the Age of Titans. Stasis Eater took the form of a colossal horse that grazed on people from Ineran tribes to feed his hunger for the stasis rune. Gyp would feed at night.  The Horse Titan would eat all the crops and plants in the area as the Inerans fled.  The term nightmare for bad dreams originated from the threat of Gyp coming in the night.

Plants are the combination of instinct and stasis. Gyp’s hunger was so insatiable that he created the deserts of Middle Eastern Oklos as he fed upon the stasis rune.

Gyp was the first great threat to life on Oklos. Despite the terror he created, a tribe of windon people lived on his massive back. They became known as gypsies.

As Gyp ate more and more stasis, the mobility rune in him grew stronger and stronger. The Horse Titan sprouted wings. He saw the night sky and the stars. He could sense the gravity in those heavenly bodies and wanted to feast on them. He shook the tribe of people off his back that were weighing him down and flew up into the night sky.

The gypsies believed they saw him take the form of a constellation they called Gyp. Now they follow that constellation around the earth as the Horse Titan rides across the night sky. This pursuit took the form of worship and Gyp became a god.

Gyp is worshiped primarily by gypsies.

The gypsies are sworn enemies of the worshipers of Grinder. They dislike dwarves in general due to their stubborn and static ways – but also because of the Grinder worship that hides among that race. The gypsies believe that Gyp left Oklos to consume Grinder and blame Grinder’s followers for the loss of their god and protector.

Worshipers of Grinder return the hatred as they fear Gyp and his hunger.

The worship of Gyp involves fortunetelling, travel, and the raiding of farms and farming villages. It’s the latter that gives the gypsies such a lousy reputation.

Gyp is worshiped all over Oklos in small congregations.

There is a large concentration of gypsies in the Bandit Lands in Middle Eastern Oklos where a large temple to Gyp exists which gypsies from all over Oklos try to travel to at least once in their life.