Gazetteer – 04a021102 – Fate


When Cora left Oklos, she was pregnant with Räyädis’s second child. The daughter she bore she named Fate. Fate was denied access to Oklos by the drow goddess, Lia, who seized control of the fate rune and would not allow any rivals to her dominance of it.

If Fate is anything, she is patient. She waited for a hero to be born who would kill Lia for her and allow her to enter the world. That champion was one of the Heroes of Atlas named Duke Tarvan. She made a pack with Hadron to empower the warrior with the runes of fate and death. These runes were carved into the bones of his hand. When Tarvan’s runes awakened, Lia recognized her approaching doom. She sent many agents to try to kill him, but he was too resourceful and beloved by his people, for the assassins to be successful. In a desperate attempt to stave off her death, Lia moved her people back from the moon and used the red moon’s magic to resurrect the Beast. The process took too long, however, and Tarvan fulfilled his destiny just as the Beast was rising in the south.

Free to enter Oklos, Fate took Atlas as a mate to conceive the Silver Moon. The red moon had fallen to fuel the Beast’s resurrection and the winds and tides of Oklos had completely stopped. The world would have ended without a moon regardless of the actions of the Beast if it weren’t for Oklos and Fate conceiving their daughter.

Fate is rarely worshiped on Oklos. She is content to leave the adulation for her daughter. The elves call the Silver Moon Cora’s Daughter, but they are mistaken. Fate is Cora’s daughter. The Silver Moon is Cora’s granddaughter.

Fate, like Cora’s son Correlon, is worshiped much more often on other worlds. The few shrines to Fate on Oklos are hidden in remote places with the devout being expert weavers and fond of small spiders and their webs.

There is one assassin’s guild that worships Fate and they possess a magical loon that advises the guildmaster who should be killed.