Gazetteer – 04a021003 – Mujmora


In any society, there are outcasts. These outcasts tend to be thieves, beggars, vagrants, or murderers. The outcasts of the pharon people envied the upper class and hated Pupta for the protection she gave them. So, these dark souls found their own animal to worship – the snake. The snake hid in the dark along with the outcasts and would prey on the weak that would stumble across their path. The outcasts believed their souls were reincarnated as snakes and thus the killing of a snake was not only forbidden, but caused grief and the need for vengeance. When snakes were then killed by pharon cats guarding homes, the outcasts saw the need for revenge.

Mujmora was an outcast with a high charisma. Other outcasts listened to him when he said snakes should be worshiped as ancestors. Mujmora also identified with scorpions and jackals and though not holy ancestors like snakes, these creatures were kept as luck charms or wild pets by many outcasts. Scorpion fights are common within Mujmoran sects and acolytes often have ranks in animal handling to train their insect warriors. Mujmora, himself, preferred jackals and transformed himself through dark magic into a hybrid of man and jackal with a human body, but a jackal’s head. Note, this transformation happened before the emergence of chaos and jackalweres had not come into existence.

The worship of Mujmora waned during the Age of Chaos as Malum Morbus sat upon his ziggurat building his might. Now that the Beast is gone  and Malum Morbus has disappeared, Mujmora is the one outcasts call upon again.  Even chaotic  beings are starting to worship the lord of snakes.