Gazetteer – 04a0210 – Pharon Gods

Pharon Gods

The pharon people lived in a beautiful land of great fertility. They produced an abundance of food with which they would trade with other peoples throughout the Oklossian Sea. These trading partners included the elves. The pharons admired Cora’s chosen for their grace, beauty, and timelessness.

The elves shared their knowledge with the pharons. The pharons learned to tend fields, plant gardens, and appreciate nature from the immortal elves. This knowledge of agriculture enabled the pharons to build the first civilization of creatures other than elves. This new civilization was cradled around the Abèl River and the pharons revered it. The Abèl became a river god before the word “god” was even part of the lexicon of Oklos. Not only was the Abèl River Valley the cradle of civilization, but also the cradle of divinity.  Though the goblins discovered divinity, the pharons were the first to use it to save their people from titans.

The story of this salvation occurred during the Age of Titans, the fiery nightmare of a titan named Water Eater discovered the lands of the pharon and began to feast. He scorched the land turning the fertile lands into desert. Water Eater threatened to eat the source of the Abel. The loss of the great river would end the lives of the pharon people, forever. The  pharons prayed to their river to give Abel power to defend itself and it obliged with a torrent of water so strong that even Water Eater choked on its volume and force. Water Eater was driven back to the edge of the sea where Fire Eater was waiting. The great titan of water corralled Water Eater and bore him north where Light Eater could help him defeat the rampaging fire titan. With their combined might, Fire Eater and Light Eater ripped a huge section of Oklos away from the main continent and used it to build a prison for Water Eater. This prison island is now called Giant Land and the seas around it boil from the unquenchable fires of its captive.

After the threat of losing their river had passed, the pharons returned to the prosperous culture that existed before the threat.  The divinity of Abel led to the worship of two other gods of note, Pupta and Mujmora.  They were an enlightened  people thriving in the arts until…

…chaos came to their shores!

The pharons did not raise armies to fight in the first War with the Beast, but they were far from immune from the effects of that war. Jukal and Tanlavar’s triumph over the Beast caused its colossal body to fall to earth creating a mountain range of evil from which chaos seeped out into the surrounding lands.  With little experience fighting wars and no experience fighting chaos, the scholarly pharons were at a loss.  They prayed to the goddess of cats, the guardian who protected their homes from deadly snakes and scorpions, to protect their kingdom as well.  Pupta obliged by sending a race of angels, the raksha, to defend their kingdom.

  1. Abel
  2. Pupta
  3. Mujmora