Gazetteer – 04a020908 – Pazuzu


Pazuzu is the result of the spirit of the great artist and sculptor, Pazo, being placed in the body of a roc so that Chaos the Beast could inhabit his body.

Pazuzu lives in his stronghold called Arie in the realm of Gasp.  A curse bestowed by Borkogal made Pazo no longer able to pursue perfection, so instead the “Mad Roc” pursues hate.  Orcs kneel to him and form his armies.  He bends others to chaos through coercion or possession.  He is fond of flying things and still speaks with birds, regularly.  The danger of these conversations is now primarily upon the birds as Pazuzu knows even more than they do about unbounded freedom.  He can twist them to his will and make them creatures of chaos.

Pazuzu is keenly intelligent and can outwit even dragons.  Some dragons have come to idolize Pazuzu for that.  The Order of the Great Shrike is a knightly order composed mostly of shape-changing dragons that win tournaments, slay rival knights, and hang their dead bodies from trees to gain Pazuzu’s attention and favor.  The most perfect of the knights of this order hopes to be given the Slaughter Hammer for their hoard.  The Slaughter Hammer is the actual hammer the artist Pazo used to chisel the sculpture of the perfect man.  It is a relic of incredible chaotic power.

Orcs worship Pazuzu, but they have lost the human ability to create powerful prayers and rituals to bolster the power of their god.  The dragons are less limited and as more of them join the Order of the Great Shrike the threat of Pazuzu’s divinity upon Oklos grows with it.