Gazetteer – 04a020903 – Ashmadame


Ashmadame was the High Priestess of the Temple of Suru in Tanvarpov during the Age of Runes.  Her acolytes were the most comely creatures in all the provinces of the Grable Empire.  Her temple was visited by the elite of the elite and she seduced Calgillien’s friend, Jhymedral the Sharp, herself.

Image provided courtesy of Wellcome Collection

Ashmadame secretly resented her clientele.  Though they made her rich, they did not accept her among normal society and she craved power.  When the Laughing Man entered the world and the rumors of his debauchery reached Tanvarpov, she traveled to God’s Law to meet this sick individual and learn of his dark desires.  He bewitched her with his dark mind and rebellious nature.  She taught him to be more than just perverse, but seductive.  With their partnership, the Cult of Chaos grew rapidly.  She returned to Tanvarpov under orders from The Laughing Man to turn Jhymedral the Sharp to their cause.  Through Jhymedral , they were able to break the heart of the Empire’s greatest general, Calgillien, and see him succumb to chaos at the moment of his greatest triumph.

When Chaos returned as the Beast, Ashmadame did not understand her role within the new Cult of Chaos.  It was an ugly cult which emphasized brutality instead of seduction.  She tried to win the Beast’s favor, but he spurned her for his insatiable hunger.  She tried to please him by becoming his personal cook, but the Beast’s hunger was too ravenous and he wouldn’t wait for meals to be prepared.

Broken-hearted herself she returned to the Temple of Suru.  But upon her return she realized she had changed.  She no longer enjoyed seducing others.  She hated the entire seduction process.  It was like preparing a meal, long in the coming, and short in reward.  Her broken-heart turned to anger and sex became rape, bondage became strangulation, and desire became mandate.

Ashmadame now resides in Taboo in the land of Bauch where she feeds off the weakness of others in the form of sacrifices that fuel her demonic power.  She has grown fat and lazy in her role as the Dame of Demons and has lost the shapely figure that made her so alluring as a High Priestess.  Any mention of this fact will send her into a horrible rage and will likely see the grisly death of that offender.  Mirror mirror on the wall, the mirror knows what’s good for it….