Gazetteer – 04a0208 – Grellic Gods

Grellic Gods

The Grells were a handsome, scholarly race that sailed the Oklossian Sea in search of knowledge and the answer to riddles. The leaders of these expeditions needed to be charismatic to secure patronage in order to hire ships and crews to enable these pursuits. The most successful of them were master storytellers that could spin a good yarn about their travels leaving their benefactors with the desire for more knowledge. Not all of these stories were true and in many cases the most interesting of the tales were embellished into myth.

Some of the stories were performed as plays to help an audience greater envision the power of the story. The idolization of the actors, the stories, and the performances bordered on worship and in some cases sparked divinity either for the story or the performer. A psychosis developed in some of the bards as they soaked in the divine power that saw them transform into the living likeness of the characters they were playing. In time, as they became the god of air, the god of war, or the goddess of love they began to start performing their own acts of heroism and villainy and left the storytelling behind. It is these bards that now make up the Grellic pantheon and they are vain and petty though protective and demanding of their followers. Of all the gods that have ascended on Oklos, the Grellic gods are the most meddlesome. They need to be worshiped to maintain their immortality as well as their divinity.

The List of those bards that fully ascended.  (Details for each god are on the “to do” list.  For now just use the corresponding Greek God for guidance.)
• Hexate – Goddess of Magic and the Red Moon
• Hedar – God of Storms and Lightning
• Polo – God of War
• Sophia – Goddess of Wisdom
• Cleftis – God of Travel
• Okion – God of the Oceans and the Seas
• Allos – God of the Sun
• Dion – God of Wine and Merriment
• Hecklos – God of Wealth

Other significant worship in Grell
• Hadron – God of Death and the Underworld
• Silver Moon – Goddess of Open Magic