Gazetteer – 04a020705 – Jaslia


Jaslia is the human embodiment of peace and harmony. She is the power behind a soft hand, a calming word, or a sweet lullaby. Her priestesses are graceful creatures who bathe in lotion, wear enchanting perfume, and dress in gowns of silk or satin.

Despite their pampered appearance, priestesses of Jaslia are capable, helpful, and daring. They will risk their own lives for the sake of those in need. Many priestesses of Jaslia are adventurers at heart; they just refuse to shed blood.

The refusal to shed blood boosts the priestesses’ positive energy capabilities adding an additional d6 of power to any channeling.  They also gain an additional channel for every two levels of experience.

The formal religion is brand new, but a cult of Jaslia has existed ever since the healing of the elven King Anglaril with the Grail of Peace and Harmony. This grail is kept in Camalene and the humans who live with the elves formed the original cult. The elves call Jaslia, “Sisko,” and elven adventurers often tithe at her burgeoning churches.

Jaslia, Calgillien, Atlas, Silver Moon, Bahamut, and Fate were the most active in the final defeat of the Beast and the birthing of the Age of Magic. These religions are friendly with one another which upsets the old guard of the Grable Pantheon’s clergy. Some Jazanes have claimed kinship with the “Magic Pantheon,” but association is not acknowledged in return.

Jaslian Churches are bright comfortable places with good feng shui, cooling fountains, and open spaces. The religion is very popular with the youth of Oklos with its openness and emphasis on non-violence. Many charismatic girls formerly destined for the convents of Equelyn have chosen Jaslia instead. The lack of their influence in the Equelynian Church might cause that religion to become meaner, darker, and more judgmental in nature.

Priestesses are called sisters and they use their magic to heal the sick and feed the poor. The Mothers of Equelyn accuse the priestesses of coddling the poor too much. There is an underlying conflict between urban and rural mindsets behind the rivalry between these two Grable religions. Equelyn dominates rural regions while Jaslia is making lasting headway in cities both with the poor and the nobility.