Gazetteer – 04a020704 – Calgillien


Calgillien slayed the Beast ending the Age of Chaos. Before this triumph, the prevailing sentiment about him was that he was a lovesick failure whose military blunders led to the end of the Grable Empire. The truth of his life and failure is detailed here:

Calgillien’s mastery over death and war were unparalleled.  Even Jukal was not as able with these violent runes.

Calgillien loved Jaslia, Jukal’s concubine, with all his heart. She was everything he wasn’t. Her runes were of peace and harmony and his were of war and death. Jukal granted Jaslia the right to leave his harem to marry Calgillien if she wished, but she did not wish to leave. She was in love with Jukal. Jukal counseled her to forget him and to embrace the better life Calgillien could give her. She refused so he refused her access to his bed. This spurning just turned her love for him into hate of Calgillien.

Many historians believe that this rejection clouded Calgillien’s mind and enabled the Iron Kings of what is now called Polfany to defeat his army, the first of his military career.  Jukal arrived to aid his general and the Iron Kings were ultimately defeated, but it was Jukal’s triumph, not Calgillien’s.

When Calgillien returned to Tanvarpov in shame, he disappeared into a shell. Few ever saw him outside the grounds of his manse. The only one who was permitted access to him was the emperor and then the conversations were cold and distant. Jukal feared Calgillien’s death rune would soon consume him and he would lose his greatest general at the worst possible time.  Chaos had entered the world seeking to destroy all that had been wrought.

Jukal went to Jaslia and implored her to marry Calgillien if not for love for the life of the empire. When she still refused, he then said, “If you love me, you will do this.” At last, she consented. The wedding was extravagant though somber. On the wedding night, Jaslia came to Calgillien’s bed only to find a note left on the pillow.

Noble Jaslia,

I know of your meeting with Jukal and your conspiracy. It was unnecessary. My duties to my emperor and my people have always been clear to me. I will not let them down in their greatest hour of need.

I agreed to the marriage for the sole purpose of leaving you everything I have.

I go to war,now, for war and death are who I am. My only regret in life is how my love for you has pained you.

For blood, for the emperor, for my dearest you,


The selflessness of the note stirred something in Jaslia. She wept with regret that she could not find love in her heart for the man that truly loved her. Her tears spilled into a grail. This grail came to be called The Grail of Peace and Harmony.  In another story, the grail was used to heal the heart of Anglaril, the Elven King of Amont, nearly a millennium later.

What happened on that Campaign is detailed in the section of this chapter about the Laughing Man. At the end of the campaign, Calgillien became the First Vampire. Many of his legions followed him into darkness. These vampiric legions became the new threat in the north. The legions that resisted vampirism fought against these undead legions, but they could not resist the military mind of Calgillien. The Grables suffered defeat after defeat in the north with many of their dead rises to swell Calgillien’s ranks.

When Jaslia learned of Calgillien’s fall into in chaos, she took action. She rode the white horse, Prosper, out of the capital and into the west. She passed through Vinderswirl and Northlive up into the Ransgal mountains. Those that saw her pass by on her journey called her the White Angel as she rode the swift footed Prosper unfurling her white robes behind her like silken wings.

When she reached the north and Calgillien’s army of vampires she asked for an audience with Calgillien. Calgillien refused to meet with her and sent her away. Jaslia refused the order and snuck into his tent during the day as the army of vampires slept; their guardian wolves and thralls were no match for her powerful lullabies. She waited for sunset for Calgillien to awake. When he did awake, he could not contain his sadness or hunger. He wept as he drained her body of its blood. She died in his arms, but that was her purpose all along. The purity of peace, harmony, and now love within her heart cured him of his vampirism. His blood was as hers had been and he went to his comrades. He offered his life for a cure to his men who would take it.

Attilien the Dark, one of Calgillien’s generals, did not want to be cured and he challenged Calgillien to single combat for control of the army. Calgillien agreed to the fight but refused to raise weapons. Attilien severed his head with a sword. Calgillien spirit then rose as an angel whose light burned the eyes of the vampires in attendance and caused Attilien to be engulfed in white flame destroying him.

Many vampires who witnessed the angelic Calgillien chose redemption and went to his body to drink of its purity. They joined their leader in his march to heaven. Jaslia arrived and took her love’s hand showing him and his followers the way.

The lovers left Oklos for over a millennium until called back by Jukal in the Great Battle against the Beast.

The army of angels they led was the souls of those vampires who chose redemption.

Though Calgillien was a creature of peace at the end of his life, his worship retains his militaristic reputation. Soldiers and paladins fill the shrines and churches. Many noble adventurers choose Calgillien as their deity.

There was no worship of Calgillien before the Great Battle so the church is vaguely defined at the moment. Large churches have not been built. The worship is mainly on the battlefield or in small shrines found in homes or castles.

Some disingenuous nobles have left the church of Jukal to Calgillien because of the lack of tithing required since there are no churches. These unscrupulous ones are not granted and divine power, however, and the ability to channel the magic of Calgillien is becoming a de facto test within the church proper. That said, there is no enforcement arm in place within the church to deny the claims of those who choose to lie about their faith.

Calgillien’s holy symbol is the head of a raven with a blue tear dropping from its eye.