Gazetteer – 04a020703 – Equelyn


Equelyn is Jukal’s mother. She gave life to Jukal twice. Once at birth and again when Jukal died as he bled his life rune into the lance when she emptied her life into him so that he could be reborn to battle the Beast.

Her religion is a strict one of discipline and sacrifice. She is the earth mother and is worshiped devoutly by farmers throughout the Old Grable Kingdoms.

Her priestesses are called mother and wear drab brown habits. They often operate schools and orphanages within a village.

Their churches are practical facilities with a lot of versatile rooms and halls for various classes, gatherings, and ceremonies.

A worship hall will often have a fountain of blood which depicts Equelyn bleeding from a vein into Jukal’s mouth as he lays in her lap. It’s a little morbid for a primarily good religion, but the statues are sculpted with kind and peaceful faces which reduces the morbidity of it. Both Equelyn and Jukal’s eyes are generally closed in the depiction of the Sacrifice. A strong Jazane/Actualist church nearby will often influence the Sacrifice to show Jukal’s eyes open. The blood is from menstruation and the mothers are required to keep their flow to donate to the fountain.

Mothers of Equelyn rarely adventure. Occasionally, there is a feisty mother who feels compelled to help battle a wrong and joins an adventuring party. Those that do are not revered by the church no matter how successful their adventuring careers become.

The Mothers of Equelyn have no love of magic. They despise the worship of the Silver Moon. It’s an affront to their tradition of outlawing magic. They acknowledge Jaslia as a Grable God, but they feel her worship is dangerous to the continued health of good Grable kingdoms. Jaslia is too lax on discipline and openly supports worship of “non-Grable” gods like the Silver Moon and Bahamut.