Gazetteer – 04a020702 – Borkogal


Known often as the Builder, Borkogal is Jukal’s oldest friend.  They grew up together in a tribal village of prehistoric Grables.  Jukal was much more adventurous than Borkogal, as the young builder preferred to remain in the village and perfect architecture, engineering, music, and the arts.  Borkogal created the first lyre of building as a result of his research and used that to design and construct the great city of Tanvarpov.  He forged the great lance for Jukal and was consumed by the heat of the kiln.

Few know this, but Borkogal was the first Grable god.  After the floods receded, the surviving Grables needed to rebuild their homes and communities.  The times were tough and the process slow.  Little quips and jokes about the need for Borkogal’s guidance evolved into songs and chants which took on the form of prayer.  In return Borkogal’s Spirit on the plane of death took notice and offered assistance to the struggling carpenters, masons, and smiths trying to rebuild.  Ritual ceremonies to Borkogal during the construction of a building will increase DR and overall hit points of structures.

The religion is steeped in music as Borkogal worship began as work chants that evolved into grand works of classical music.  The Grable Symphony which calls Torrents home is funded by the Church of Borkogal.  Many other arts are honored as well.  Architecture, murals, play-writing, and acting are all welcome artistic endeavors by Borkogalian clergy.

Oddly, the religion has a disdain for sculptors and statues of all kinds and none will be found in a church of Borkogal.  This bias relates back to the story of the Perfect Man and the trick Chaos performed on Borkogal to return to Oklos as the Beast.  Related to this incident is the great enmity the clergy feels towards the orcs of Gasp and their demon lord, Pazuzu.

Borkogal is a warm and compassionate god who wants his followers sheltered and safe.  Tradesmen and the working class make up the bulk of his devout followers.

Constructing a personal lyre of building is required for the rank of High Builder.  Other titles in the church are Builder, Bard, and Freeman.   A High Builder is the ranking member of a church.  There is no overarching organizations that control the religion beyond that.  A High Builder is needed for the granting of the title of Builder, a Builder or higher for a Bard, and a Bard or higher for a Freeman.   Bards are asked to adventure a bit before settling into a church.  These “missions” last a minimum of 2 years.  An “adventure” can be as simple as supervising the building of a bridge in a needed place.