Gazetteer – 04a0207 – Grable Gods

Grable Gods

After the flood, there were few who remembered the proper ceremonies for worshiping the divine beings of humanity from the Age of Runes.  Those religions dissolved into scattered remnants too weak to be considered cults.

Those still loyal to the empire remembered the great sacrifices those on the Immortal Council made to end chaos and acknowledged their heroism with songs and stories about them until those songs and stories were repeated so often they resembled prayer.  With prayer came divinity, and Jukal, Borkogal and Equelyn became the Grable pantheon.  The worship of the Grable Gods dominated religion on Oklos during the Age of Chaos.  The worship started in the province (now kingdom) of Haran.  In the capital city of Torrents, the three churches blossomed and spread out to the far ends of Oklos.  From Wheland, to Zephyr the Grable Gods have a significant presence.

Jukal was the primary god of the pantheon during the Age of Chaos.  Jukal was worshiped by noblemen, generals, merchants and the common man working in larger cities.  Tradesmen tended to worship Borkogal and those in rural areas worship Equelyn, but there is no rivalry between the gods of the old triumvirate.    Churches of one god have likenesses and ceremony glorifying the other two gods.  During winter festival, the ranking clergy of all three religions gather to perform a ritual called the Weapon of Sacrifice where the priests and priestesses reenact the forging of the lance.  This ceremony is nicknamed the Weeping Ritual because it inspires so many followers to tears.

  1. The harmony of the Old Triumvirate has been upset though by the heroics of Calgillien in the Battle of the Beast that ended the Age of Chaos.  Calgillien and his love, Jaslia, are now worshiped in the Old Grable kingdoms as new members of the Grable pantheon.  The upstarts are welcome by the people, but the original clergies are struggling with the shifting of power and responsibilities.  Throw in the fact that Jukal is known to be a creature of chaos and tensions are ripe for blossoming into religious war.
    1. Jukal
    2. Borkogal
    3. Equelyn
    4. Calgillien
    5. Jaslia