Gazetteer – 04a020602 – Bamboom


Bamboom is often called the goblin god of explosions, but this is not true, he is the goblin god of fun.  Goblins just think explosions are fun.  Crazy Harry from the Muppet Show can trace his roots back to the days of goblins and his ancestors worshiped Bamboom.

Bamboom has a notorious sweet tooth and loved chocolate, candy and confections.  His eating habits made him fairly heavy and his clerics and shaman usually resemble their god.  Making and eating sweets, crafting toys, making bombs, and playing pranks are all part of the religion.

Bamboom clerics are often skilled alchemists sometimes concentrating on this craft in exclusion of channeling or prayer.  The Oompa Loompas in Willie Wonka’s chocolate factory are actually goblins.  Willie Wonka was likely the figurehead for the great goblin alchemists making all the candy.