Gazetteer – 04a0206 – Maglum


Maglum was the first goblin to befriend a wolf as his companion.  Wolves are instinct-rune creatures and goblins are thought-rune creatures which set them at odds initially, but the mobility rune of the wolves and the disorder rune of goblins have some similarities in goals – namely they both hate rules and regulations – particularly fences.  Maglum befriended the dire wolf, Snap, in the cages of Dardar and they escaped together into the Grit in Wheland.  There the two companions roamed the countryside protecting goblins from the menace of both hobgoblins and men.

Goblins created gems of communication that when chanted would communicate to Maglum and Snap that he was needed.  Snap had mastered the mobility rune and Maglum could be anywhere within Oklos in just a matter of hours.  So beloved by his people was Maglum that many goblins sang the chant to their children to help them sleep every night.  This chant served as prayer and Maglum became divine.  Snap on the other hand did not.  When Snap died, Maglum felt a part of himself die.  The fun of life for him died.  He stopped answering his people’s summons.

He sought out the wisdom of the great goblin god, Bamboom.  The priests of Bamboom told him that he was too great a goblin to remain on Oklos and that he should travel to the plane of disorder and seek his answer there.  Maglum accessed the plane through a water spout with the help of some storm barbarians on the Isle of Alaysa.  Once there he wandered for centuries not finding the fun that Bamboom had promised.  That was until he stumbled onto the border of the plane of disorder and the plane of mobility.  There sat Snap sitting and waiting for him wagging his tail.  Maglum was overjoyed by the reunion.   The barrier between the two planes though was a problem.  They could not join each other.

Maglum returned to the plane of Disorder more morose than ever.  He was so morose that the plane of disorder rejected him.  “Go weep on the water plane,” the disorder spirits told him then laughed in his face.

Maglum walked in misery until he received a summons from a gem, the first summons he had received in over two centuries, so he decided to answer it.  The summons came from the slave pens of Dardar and he snuck into that evil fortress of hated hobgoblins to find who was in need.  There he saw a goblin mother singing to her goblin son a lullaby to keep the little tyke from being scared in that terrible place.  The lullaby was the sacred chant of summoning and on her finger was a ring set with a gem of communication.    Maglum asked her why so many goblins were imprisoned here again.  She said that the goblins had no protector and were at the whim of those that converted to hobgoblinism.

This angered Maglum to action.  There were many goblin warriors in the pens and there were many wolves in the pens as well.  He implored the goblins to befriend the wolves and they did.  He then set free the cages and the goblins raced out of Dardar on the backs of the wolves.

They gathered in the Rune River Valley where they met Tamduin and the elves of her court.  Tamduin loved their story and called Maglum – Raugrochon – wolf rider.  She crafted new gems for the goblins so that each could become a protector of a goblin tribe.  These gems contained powers of the war rune and the harmony rune; two runes in which the goblin peoples were in short supply.  Each of these “wolf lords” then spread out through Oklos leading bands of goblins to places of safety.  These gems helped the wolf lords to train others in the ways of the wolf rider and make them an effective mobile fighting force.  They never forgot Maglum again either and prayed to him as they had done before.  Since they now had their own wolves, the wolves howled along with the goblins during the chanting.  These howls empowered Snap to be divine as well.  With the combination of disorder and mobility enchanted together through these prayers a pocket dimension of disorder and mobility came into being  called the Paw-Paw Patch.  Maglum rules this realm with Snap ever by his side.

Once in this realm Maglum’s power grew, but he could no longer return to Oklos if he wished to retain this power.  He did not want to abandon his people again though so he created a means of protecting his people through an avatar called the Chanor Maglumiyetor (meaning Maglum’s Vessel).

Since goblins do not have souls, a boatman does not collect them when they die.  Their consciousness slowly dissolves after a while unless they sneak onto a boatman’s boat and leap off the boat onto some stepping stones as the boat passes the Paw-Paw Patch.  Wolf spirits guide them on this journey.  The stones are set far apart and a goblin must make a series of long leaps to make it.  Acrobatics is thus a sacred skill of wolf lords as goblins wish for the immortal happiness of the Paw-Paw Patch.  Hobbling a goblin wolf lord is akin to scalping a Native American potentially denying them an afterlife.