Gazetteer – 04a0206 – Goblin Gods

Goblin Gods

Necessity is the mother of adventurer and the persistent persecution of goblins throughout the world forced the race to develop powerful protectors of their tribes – goblin heroes.   The power of these goblin heroes was augmented by ritual chanting amongst the others of the tribes to bolster the skills and magical power of the hero.  This chanting was the secret to divinity and goblins shared this knowledge with Mith when he asked for a solution to the hungry giant rune problem during the Age of Titans.

Mith has never told any of his priests or followers where he learned the secret of divinity.  It is a DC40 knowledge (Religion) roll to even suspect that goblins might be the originators of ascendancy.

Those that do suspect it, e.g. Tellezinal, have realized what a disruptive force religion is and the friction it causes between otherwise compatible people.  This suggests the disorder rune which leads those scholars to study goblin religions.

  1. The two primary goblin gods are:
    1. Maglum
    2. Bamboom