Gazetteer – 04a020501 – Mith


Mith, the creator of dwarves, is the most worshiped primal power on Oklos. Many pray to him, but the power those prayers give the Star Forger is minimal  Mith absorbs the power of prayer like a bonfire consuming a match.  Mith could alter the fundamental powers of the runes or create new ones if necessary.  Is Mith more powerful than the runes?  Perhaps, if a stone mason is more powerful than the bricks he lays.  But it is the bricks of a building that serve its tenants through history not the arms and hands of the mason.

Though he does not need prayer for self empowerment, Mith does love his creations and answers prayers as much as any other god.  Mith would be much more active in the world if his actions hadn’t caused mistakes in the past.  He created the Titans by accident and realizes that he does not know enough about Cora’s plan for the world to mettle with it.

Cora created all the races of Oklos except for those abominations corrupted by the chaos rune, the dwarves, and the giants.  The dwarves and giants are Mith’s creation and both races hold reverence for the creator of the stars.  Giants tend to be kind of stupid so they don’t always know their history, but learned cloud giants and storm giants become clerics of Mith from time to time.

The worship of Mith centers around craftsmanship and sacred anvils and hammers are often relics of power within the religion.  Mithvein is known to be the blood of Mith and it is prized by his followers to the point of madness among some.

The human worship of Mith is primarily in Magi and Greater Isbolar where star gazers look for patterns in Mith’s creations to find omens or predict the future.  The priests there are astrologers and practice outer essence manipulation in addition to channeling.  Their wizardry and sorcery skills often outpace their clerical ones.