Gazetteer – 04a020402 – Harriket


Rakistaja was the eighth sister of Iho the Black and “chaos comes in eights.”  Of all Iho’s sisters, Rakistaja was the only one who had as black a heart as he had.  Though chaos had yet to emerge in the world, Rakistaja could sense it lurking just beyond the veil and it intrigued her.  When the Laughing Man arrived, Rakistaja rushed to God’s Law to align her house with his cult.  The Laughing Man took her as a lover and they conceive a child.  That child was a powerful tiefling named Harriket who loved chaos and darkness.  She became obsessed with the rune plane of chaos and decided to live there on the border of the Abyss and the darkness plane — the place where shadows are made.

Harriket worship began when Rakistaja was killed defending the Laughing Man.  As the drow fled to the moon on the strands of travel Lia made, many drow feared the darkness into which they were going.  They asked Harriket for guidance and she came to them telling them how to survive in space.  This guidance was needed and as they asked for it over and over again the ritual evolved into prayer.  This prayer made her powers in the Abyss all the more powerful.

With the death of Lia her worship would be gaining much more momentum if she wasn’t so secretive.  She does not really want the desperate to worship her.  She only wants the lovers of chaos and darkness to be in her church.

Of the demons and gods that the Drow worship, those that worship Harriket are the only ones that could be considered “true believers.”  Her worship has expanded outside of the drow to other agents of chaos seeking darkness to hide within.  Assassins and rogues of dark intent often pay her homage.