Gazetteer – 04a020401 – Lia


Lia was the primary goddess of her people until she was slain by Tarvan in the last year of the Age of Runes.  Her priestesses seek to resurrect her, but Fate and Silver Moon prevent that from happening.  Since these priestesses can no longer channel power from Lia, they have turned to alchemy to augment their power.  They kidnap goblin alchemists to learn from as much alchemy as they can from these creatures.

The worship of Lia centered on blood sacrifices to sate their goddess’s perpetual hunger.  These sacrifices continue in futile efforts to empower Lia again, but all that is accomplished is an accumulation of power that balances on the curtain between the rune plane of fate and the Abyss waiting to be claimed.

The line of Lia is still the dominant house amongst the drow and they demand that Lia continues to be worshipped despite her death and lack of power.  Any mention of her death is considered a slight to her worshippers and a challenge to the most powerful house of the drow.  That said, many of the other houses are scheming to find actual gods to channel power from and then rest power from the Lia House.

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