Gazetteer – 04a02030302 – Brash


Brash was a very personable dragonborn. He often walked among his people.  He drank, sang, and adventured with the people of Saxgard.  He was a foe of giants and wielded a hammer of Thunderbolts made by the dwarves of Hammer Dam.

He dueled Verdruggon on the streets of Saxgard and would have defeated the rebel if not for a betrayal from Higgel. Higgel feared Brash and his hammer.  He realized Verdruggon’s sword could kill the immortal Storm Dragon. During the battle, Brash disarmed Verdruggon and left him defenseless against the dragonborn’s lightning breath.

Higgel stepped in and cast a maze spell on Brash enabling Verdruggon to regain his feet and weapon. When Brash returned from the mental maze, he saw Verdruggon standing with sword raised above him. Verdruggon beheaded the Dragon of Storm execution style upon the steps of the Mead Hall.

His ship was named Frost Hull and was crewed by the greatest warriors in Sagany. These warriors are now leaderless and sail the seas as mercenaries willing to work for the highest bidder.