Gazetteer – 04a02030301 – Father One-Eye

Father One-Eye

Father One-Eye was the leader of the dragonborn. By the time of his death, he had become very dragonish. He rarely left his room let alone his hall in Saxgard. He left governance to Brash, his son, and became obsessed with the accumulation of wealth. He encouraged his followers to raid and loot other peoples and cultures to add to his hoard.

When Verdruggon took his head with Godfighter, Father One-Eye was a suspicious old curmudgeon suffering from late stages of dragon sickness. In a century or two he would have been indistinguishable from a silver dragon.

When more active, Father One-Eye was an oracle. He could see into the future through his fate rune. He foresaw the ending of the world and made up “prophecies” of how he and the other dragonborn would be a part of it. The story he made up came very close to what Bahamut actually accomplished in the Battle of the Beast. The main difference being that Father One-Eye would lead the Valkyries and the Horde of Ancestral Spirits against the armies of the Beast to open a path for Brash to sacrifice his life in the Beast’s destruction. This battle would see the end to all the dragonborn, but humanity would be saved.

The dragonborn never made it to the Great Battle because they tried to loot the forge of Echan Deathless, the great weaponsmith. In retaliation, Echan Deathless created a dragon-slaying greatsword made of mithvein that he gave to Johann Verdruggon to slay the dragonborn with. Since the reputation of the dragonborn was that they were gods, the sword has been known as Godfighter and many misperceptions about the sword’s abilities are told by bards, treasure seekers, and adventurers.