Gazetteer – 04a020303 – Higgel


Higgel is an enigmatic creature. He is the trickster, the titan that never grew, the dawning of disaster, and the liberator all at the same time. He is both fine with fate and fine with chaos if either rune suits him at the time. He hates the law rune, but has no particular love of the truth rune, either, and is still prone to gorge on a huge meal of harmony rune whenever he can get it.

Of the gods of Sagany, he was the only divine being. His priests received spells and gave him divine power in return.

During the Age of Titans, he was Harmony Eater and he aided many people against the oppression of his rampaging brothers. He helped Fire Eater and Air Eater cage Water Eater in Giant Land, he tricked Thought Eater into munching on its own tail, and tried to help Law Eater defeat Truth Eater (Atlas/Oklos). This last act angered Truth Eater to the point where he captured Harmony Eater and gave the disorder rune titan to Lohicarmix for safe keeping.

Harmony Eater gained the name Higgel when enslaved by Lohicarmix.  Higgel thrived in the oppressive environment as the one who would resist the tyranny of the First Dragon. This remained the case until the dragonborn Grables drove off Lohicarmix forcing Higgel into a secondary role among his adopted people.

With this demotion, Higgel branched out from Sagany into the streets and alleyways of many southern cities. He is a patron of bards, thieves, smugglers, and pirates. He is the god of rebellion and those that wish their plight in the world to change.

Halflings despise him and the worshipers of him. They call him Fiddlesticks and his name is used as a stiff curse among the harmony folks. Oddly, the worshipers of Loki seem to like the name and will often disrupt Halfling gatherings with twin bards, one who plays the strings and another who drums on the body of the fiddle. Halflings will scream, hold their ears, and pack up and leave if they hear this sound.

Higgel has been known to dine on halflings from time to time. Only priests from chaotic races ever follow this practice among Higgel’s clergy.

Higgel worship involves lewd sex, music, fighting, and destruction of beautiful things. Higgel would have been a big fan of the movie, Fight Club, especially Tyler Durden’s character.

He is worshiped openly in Sagany and Lankleer and in back alley temples in Strandi and Wheland. His worship is growing rapidly in the Consulship of True Law where the strict laws of Dugrane are being resisted by those that had grown used to the many freedoms (and atrocities) permitted by the Skull Barons.