Gazetteer – 04a020302 – Tiamat


Tiamat is the daughter of Lohicarmix and is the self-appointed Queen of the Dragons.  She claimed the Imperial Palace in Tanvarpov as her lair when the flood waters subsided from Oklos at the dawn of the Age of Chaos.

When the upstart Platinum Dragon, Bahamut, sought peace with the armies of Clesian the Great, Tiamat saw this negotiation as a direct challenge to her authority.  She fought him tooth and talon in the skies above Tanvarpov.  She died five times, but her will to live was so strong that she willed herself back to life with a new head.  When the fifth head was severed, she was out of strength so she knocked on the door to the plane of chaos in order to mutate into a creature strong enough to raise herself one more time, this time with 5 heads, one of each type of chromatic dragon.  Against this new and improved Tiamat, Bahamut could not compete and was forced to flee the city.  Tiamat has ruled unopposed ever since.

Her five heads make her a bit schizophrenic and Tiamat leaves her horde a mess with gold coins mixed up with carrion and feces.  She hears voices that are not from her heads telling her to do things.  Many of these voices are demons trying to influence her since she used the powers of chaos to defeat, Bahamut.  Though adept with chaotic power, Tiamat is too powerful to be corrupted by chaos and is not a god of chaos.

The shamans of barbarian tribes near Tanvarpov will often pay homage to Tiamat through sacrifices of blood, magic, and wealth.  These sacrifices give her divine power.  If a tribe is successful enough to make many sacrifices, one of these shamans will be promoted to a priest.  Priests are able to channel power directly from the dragon queen.

She is the primary god of kobolds and many tribes of tengu and lizardmen also worship her.

Fortunately, Tiamat is both lazy and content.  She sleeps mostly, but occasionally awakens to admire her tremendous wealth.  The way to stir her to action is to mention a treasure that she does not possess and a means of obtaining it.  Her priests are the same.