Gazetteer – 04a020301 – Bahamut


Bahamut is a new god being worshipped by a mix of Farsky, Runic, and Ineran peoples of the east.  Bahamut fought bravely against the Beast and helped clear a path to its heart that Calgillien exploited to slay the Lord of Chaos.  Now the Platinum Dragon relishes his new role as protector of the world.

The religion is very young and Bahamut is a living god which limits the range that Bahamut can grant powers.  The tenets of the religion are still being worked out, but Bahamut likes bravery, honor, and tribute.  Knights and Paladins rally to his cause.  These knights need be clean, bejeweled, and well-mannered.  Formality is a must for the worshippers of Bahamut.

A few of his clerics and paladins are given one of his scales so that they can still channel his power even outside his normal realm of influence.  If one of these scales is lost another of the knights will quest to retrieve it because the god becomes vulnerable if a scale falls into the wrong hands.

There is great enmity between Bahamut and Tiamat and this hatred spills out to the human followers as well.