Gazetteer – 03a20 – Undead


Undead are creatures of the death rune warped by chaos.  They were formed by the Great Contradiction caused by Jhymdral the Sharp’s betrayal of Calgillien.  Calgillien had slain the Laughing Man with love of his comrades in battle.  Jhymdral’s secret loathing of Calgillien formed the contradiction.

It is important to note that ghosts are not undead.  Ghosts are malevolent souls who refuse to go to the underworld.  Spectres are death spirits who have escaped the death rune plane either intentionally or unintentionally – they too are not undead.

Undead are the creatures created from the soulless husks left behind by souls who have departed for the Underworld.  Skeletons, zombies, shadows, wights, wraiths, mummies, vampires, and liches are all considered undead as a classification.  They are all creatures of chaos.

Wraiths and shadows are in this classification because they are actually the transformation of the body into a chaotic spirit of death and not a soul that has separated from its body like a ghost.  It is possible for a ghost to exist tied to his body that has become a shadow, wraith, or other undead.  It’s a difficult concept for many scholars to get their heads around, but the priests of Calgillien assure undead hunters that this is true.

For now, use typical undead stats when using the undead race as adversaries in the World of Atlas.  The plane of life and the plane of death can be considered the positive and negative planes.  Level drain doesn’t really exist in the World of Atlas, though, and modifications to the creatures will someday be addressed in future source material.