Gazetteer – 03a19- Tiefling


Tieflings are any of the creatures that are a result of a thought creature of Oklos mating with a creature native to a rune plane.  The most common are the children of demons (chaos plane) or devils (law plane) because those two species seem most concerned with procreating with thought creatures, particularly humans.  But there are fire tieflings, darkness tieflings, fate tieflings, earth tieflings, and more in the world.

Tieflings typically conform to the guidelines in the Pathfinder’s Advanced Race Guide.  Given the expanded definition of what a tiefling is there can be additional racial traits added that fall in line with the power levels of what has already been presented.

Tieflings are not numerous enough to be a political faction, though as individuals, some tieflings have become quite powerful.

Blue people, raksha, and aasimar are numerous enough to have their own racial classification, but some scholars lump them into the tiefling category when analyzing the races of the world.