Gazetteer – 03a16 – Lizardmen


When Jukal killed the earth beast, there were some thought creatures that buried themselves in the muck as the flood waters came in.  When Atlas raised the land out of the ocean, these creatures reemerged as lizardmen. Lizardmen are cold-blooded, but have developed ways to warm themselves in temperate winters.  They do not live in the north, but they are common in swamps and wetlands throughout Oklos.

They are a fiercely independent race as they are born from eggs in swamp water with no parental guidance during their tadpole stage.  They take five years to come of age as their arms and legs grow to full strength.  They adapt to lizardman society through instinct.

Though not chaos, Lizardmen are dangerous to all mankind.  They are creatures of instinct and have no souls.  Necromancy brings a Lizardman back to life like a raise dead spell. They are not undead they are reanimated.  Reanimated lizardmen remember all the things of their former life.  If a lizardman is reanimated incomplete, the lizardman will regenerate the rest of its body.  Humans often burn the bodies of lizardmen just like chaotic races for this purpose.

Lizardmen have a form of fast healing that regenerates their bodies, even severed limbs, just slowly, and not immediate like a troll creature.  Fire or acid wounds leaves scars on lizardmen, but no weapon cuts do.  The hide of lizardman makes a great leather armor that is stronger than leather and more easily mended.  Lizardmen go into a blind rage against humans that use this type of armor.  Treat this characteristic as barbarian rage.

Due to their cold-blooded nature, lizardmen are much more active during the summer than the winter, though in tropical climbs they are a threat at all times.

Lizardmen are instinctual creatures and do not have writing or magic related to scholarly pursuits.  Shaman and sorcerers are the most common magical practitioners though rune magic is sometimes seen amongst their heroes.  They have been known to worship non-divine things like giant turtles, dragons, or efreeti idols.

Lizardmen are not related to dragons, but tend to be friendly with them, especially black dragons.

Though not chaos, lizardmen are friendly with gnolls and the two groups will often work together.

In the Farsky lands in the swamps of Gila, there is a chaotic form of lizardmen with mottled brown skin and black mouths whose bite is poisonous and skin acts as heavy armor.   This evil tribe is ruled by a Council of Marilith that gives this disorganized race a dark purpose.

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