Gazetteer – 03a1512 – Windon


The nomadic peoples of Oklos are all called Windon though the Windons that follow the rune god of mobility, Gyp, are often called gypsies.  Gypsies are not necessarily Windon as many runic, Latones, Farsky, and Tanla follow Gyp as well.  Worship of Gyp is called following because he is rarely stationary and no stationary worship place would ever be built.

There are several tribes of Windon throughout Oklos who do not follow Gyp, but as the lines of Oklos continue to be drawn with firmer lines from more possessive rulers, the lands for the Windon to roam are vanishing.

Windon are an athletic people and amazing runners.  A windon hunter can run down a dear until it dies of exhaustion never having to kill it with a weapon.  There is no male pattern baldness within the race and their hair is often long and free.

The most civilized of Windon cultures in Oklos is Gloss where the tribes have established semi-pertinent sites for trade with outside peoples.  The Kendanti wild has large populations of Windon who are at odds with the Kingdom of Ranek.

The Windon also roam the lands near Tanvarpov and some of these tribes are quite friendly with dragons.  This may relate back to the Auspiciums who were a bird-loving tribe of Windons and birds are a combination of the beast and dragon runes.