Gazetteer – 03a1511 – Volstok


The volstok are a barbaric race that mates with bears.  A small dragonship of refugees from the north had only males onboard when the flood waters subsided.  They landed in a drowned forest near a cave where a mother bear and her four female cubs were hibernating.  Both species would have died out except a spirit came to both the men and the bears and blessed them with fertility with each other.  The race of volstoks are the descendants of this blessed union.

The volstoks tend to be hostile to nearly all other races because their mating habits are seen as evil.  They are friendly with beast people, however, though they will not mate with them.  Those races that are indifferent to Volstoks are because they haven’t heard much about them.

The only exception is that of the Windon race who have sometimes fled to the protective eaves of Volstokland to escape persecution elsewhere.  Those Windon have a live and let live attitude toward the Volstoks and tribal leaders have smoked herbs of peace with Elder Volstoks.

Volstok adventurers in the world are almost all human because few villagers are ready to welcome talking bears into their towns.  That’s unfortunate, because bear volstoks make good company much like Blue the Bear from the Jungle Book or Chewbacca from Star Wars.

Werebears are verboten to Volstoks and they will track them down and kill them without mercy.  You’re either a bear or a man.  Not both!