Gazetteer – 03a1510 – Tanla


The black races of Tanlavar are all called the Tanla by the people of Wheland, but the Tanla recognize many races amongst their people.

There are the tall people (Mrefu), the short people (Ndogo), the fast people (Haraka), the evil people (Mabaya), the wise people (Busara), and the strong people (Nguvu).

The Haraka are basically Windons but of the black race.

The Nguvu are Ineran of the black race.

The Mrefu are a peaceful race of giant rune creatures strongly resembling their smaller neighbors.

The Ndogo are a dwarf rune creature that live on savannahs and jungles that have little interest in mining or metalwork.

The Mabaya are descendants of the half-elves born to a member of one of the black races and an elf from Melandoli — they share the curse of case bestowed on all half-elves .

The Busara are a long-lived race that has built a powerful empire on the southern lands of the continent.  The empire is known as Tanlavar which means the Empire of the Angels in the Tanla language.  Aasimar births are common among the Busara people.  Tanlavar is what the people of Oklos call Radi, the guardian bull of Tanlavar.  The people of Tanlavar call Radi by his proper name.

The Busara and the elves of Melandoli trade freely and mix freely, but this openness between the two cultures has caused a problem in the number of Mabaya births.  The Mabaya have moved north from Tanlavar and created their own evil kingdom which seeks to destroy Tanlavar and subjugate all the black races.  They’ve captured and kidnapped many Mrefu and are trying to corrupt them into a more aggressive ally against the Empire of the Angels.

Thus, calling the black races the Tanla is a general term for a complex people of many different tribes and cultures.