Gazetteer – 03a1509 – Snowy


The snowy race is comprised of descendants of the northern humans liberated by the dragonborn Grables from the slave pens of Lohicarmix.  They began to worship these immortal men as gods and immolate them in society.  A physical trait of dragonborn was striking hair color some of which had never been seen before in humanity.   The snowy peoples dyed their hair to match their idols.

Now the snowies segregate themselves by their hair color and some enmity exists between the various tribes.  There are gold hairs, green hairs, red hairs, black hairs, blue hairs, silver hairs, copper hairs and white hairs.  Both the men and the women dye their hair.  Some women are born with natural hair of their tribe and those are considered more desirable mates than the dye jobs.

Sometimes a female born with the natural hair of another tribe will leave her tribe for the improved position within the new tribe.  This is considered a horrible slight to the tribe defected from and warriors from those tribes will often seek to kidnap the defector, dye her hair back to the original tribe’s color, and then kill her as a traitor.  Wars have been fought over this behavior though all the tribes would behave similarly if one of their females defected.  The one exception to this behavior is the Saganite immigrants in Wheland under the rule of Storm King Bjarki, Duke of New Saxgard.  He accepts all hair colors fleeing persecution in Sagany as equal and will have no discrimination among his people.

The snowy race is at a loss right now due to the loss of their pantheon of divine rulers.  The dragonborn lived in the Great Mead Hall of Saxgard, but Verdruggen slew them all with the mithvein greatsword, Godfighter.

The snowy are able sailors and plundering warlords are starting to emerge as the new rulers of the land.  Some of these warlords are launching raids against surrounding kingdoms in violent efforts to rediscover a purpose for their people.   Who will save Oklos from the fury of the Saganites?