Gazetteer – 03a1508 – Silken


Much like the Monsin, the silken race is rare in Oklos.  They prefer to stay in the Silk Lands and let western traders come to them.  The silken prefer inner essence manipulation over outer essence manipulation.  Inner essence manipulation never had the problems with chaos corruption that outer essence did.  The reasons are likely due to the intense meditation and physical attunement required to master the discipline.

Honor is important to the silken and if dishonored a silken will often take their own life in shame.

There is little channeling amongst the culture and gods are not often worshipped.  The silken are friendly with dragons for some reason and dragon imagery, costumes, and decorations are common in many silken festivals.

The silken are peaceful with the monsin race of the Spice Lands and trades with them freely, though intermixing of the races is taboo from both sides.

To the north though, the silken face persistent threats from the barbarians and monsters of the Topknot Steppes and thus have large armies serving the Winged Kings who rule the Silken Lands.  The barbarians of those steppes are of runic ancestry with war and mobility as their guiding runes.  The silken have always been much more peace and stasis rune oriented.  The two cultures are oil and water.

Without divine sources of healing, the silken have become powerful alchemists and some of the greatest alchemists of the world can be found amongst their race.  For this reason, significant goblin populations can also be found in the Silk Lands as they seek to learn from or spy on these herbal masters.  With goblins, comes the chaotic threat of hobgoblins and there is an entire province of the Silk Lands that is in the iron grip of a hobgoblin khan.  Bugbears are common on the Topknot Steppes and they raid the northern provinces of the Silk Lands as often as the barbarians do.