Gazetteer – 03a1507 – Runic


Runic people are those that can trace their bloodlines back to the Grable Empire.  We know this because they are born with rune blood and have access to rune magic through their foltute.

Not all runic people get along and before the Laughing Man entered the world, the incompatibility of different runes was often the source of human conflict.

Since the flood, the Grable peoples have intermixed with the other races of Oklos to blur the lines of race and dampen the power of rune blood.  That said, there are few who don’t have a trace of runic ancestry and a consequential dormant rune stored up within them.

There are still tribes of runic pure bloods that exist in the world like the death barbarians of the Witch Lands in Wheland or the Storm Barbarians of the isle of Alaysa off the coast of Vescaly.  Isbolar has some families that can chart their heritage back to the Grable Empire.  Tellezinal still lives in his tower in Lankleer.  Other Grables who achieved immortality through a life rune foltute exist.

So the runic people are still in existence, just not dominant like they once were.

In Haran, those with evidence of runic heritage are of a higher social status than other races.