Gazetteer – 03a1506 – Pharon


The pharon are the people of the Cat Lands who serve their raksha masters.  They governed themselves until the Fall of the Beast and the creation of the Chaos Waste.  In desperation, they asked their guardian goddess Pupta to deliver them from this scourge and she sent a race of devas called the raksha to save her people.  The raksha never left and became the rulers over the pharon.  The land is called the Cat Lands because of these raksha masters.

Now, the pharons are a slave race.  The raksha are not necessarily evil but they view the pharons as incapable of governing themselves.  Humans are weak when it comes to the chaos rune and in the Cat Lands during the Age of Chaos there was no room for weakness. Now that the Beast is truly destroyed and the threat of the chaos rune is much diminished, the role of the raksha as a ruling class is unnecessary.  It is difficult to persuade the raksha that, though.

Some pharons resist the notion of rebellion because of their devotion to Pupta, but others have grown tired of subjugation and are flocking to the banner of Mujmora.  One known as the Night Pharaoh who lives in a ziggurat in the jungles south of Abèl is capitalizing on this resentment and posing a significant threat to raksha sovereignty.