Gazetteer – 03a1505 – Monsin


In the lands of the Far East, there are two major races of humans.  The Monsin live in the south in lands that the west calls the Spice Lands because of their fabulous herbs and spices used to flavor cooking.

The monsin worship rune patrons. There are those among the race that have  rune blood much like the runic race in Oklos and Some scholars speculate that the Monsin are refugees from the Grable Empire that settled in the Spice Lands when fleeing chaos.  There is no written history of the people before 800 years ago so little is known about what may or may not have happened at the end of the Age of Runes when this migration would have taken place.

The monsin are at peace with the silken race to the north, but the two races and cultures do not mix with each other.  They trade freely, but any mixing of the races is considered taboo by both sides.

Monsin presences in Oklos are small as the west usually sails to the Spice Lands, not vice versa.