Gazetteer – 03a1504 – Latone


The short people of the Vescalian peninsula are known as Latones.  They prefer close cropped hair for the males and long curls for the females.  Their societies are male centric, but with a reverence for the mother’s role in society.

They are notorious bird watchers and ornithomancers.  The Latones are formed from an ark full of people that settled in Vescaly after the Great Flood.  The ark was cramped and the smaller people survived the journey where the larger members died.  The ark was built by members of the Auspicium tribe who supported the Grable empire’s invasion of the lands now known as Ranek.  They were never cursed like the orcs were.

For the last millennium, they have settled the Vescalian peninsula and many of the islands around it.  Their expansion caused enmity between themselves and the Grellics and the Pharons as the three races competed for control of the islands of the Oklossian Sea.

The Latones were hit hardest by the rise of the Beast as the war against him was fought off the western shore of Vescaly and the fallout from that war saw Demogorgon sack the city-state of Cusa and proclaim a new island kingdom called Abyssus.  An opportunistic army of Grellics conquered southern Vescaly and established a Grellic colony there called Panoremus.

Assassins from Graviscae had murdered Jupiter Tirrelius even before the rise of the Beast so the Empire of the Latones had already crumbled to a handful of bickering city-states.

That said, the Latone legions remain some of the best trained soldiers in all of Oklos with some of the best military commanders in the world.

Their navies are rebuilding and the era of Latone expansion may not have ended as easily as rival political leaders have recently boasted.