Gazetteer – 03a1503 – Ineran

During the Age of Elves and the Age of Dragons, humans could be broken down into two primary races: 1) The Ineran, or the humans who stayed put, and 2) the Windon, the humans who moved around a lot.

The Inerans accessed the stasis rune more and the Windons accessed the mobility rune more.  The cultures of both of these races were barbaric.  It wasn’t until human civilization came about that other human distinctions started being made by elves who studied the “Adan,” the elven word for man.

It is important to note that Windons could be born inside an Ineran tribe to Ineran parents and Inerans could be born inside a Windon tribe to Windon parents.    These misfits would sometimes manage to switch tribes during their lifetime, but most would just live out their days in misery feeling out of place within their own culture.

Though all races could be said to be part Ineran and part Windon, the humans of Oklos Major are the only ones still referred to by these distinctions.

Through the Age of Titans, the only human wars were Windon on Windon or Ineran on Ineran, but as farming methods improved amongst the Ineran and the need for more land grew, Windon and Ineran wars became more common.

In the Age of Magic, the Inerans far exceed the Windons in population.

Inerans tend to be of paler skin and lighter eyes than Windons.  They also have fewer wrinkles and less gray hairs as they age.   Males are prone to baldness, however, some at very early ages.  When an Ineran is forced to hurry too much or move around a lot, their hair falls out.