Gazetteer – 03a1502 – Grellic


The Grellic people are island dwellers of the southern seas.  They have powerful navies and organize themselves in city-states devoted to their gods.  Some settling on the mainland of Tanlavar has happened as well.

The Grellic’s embraced magic even during the Age of Chaos and have magic schools governed by the priestesses of Hexate, goddess of the red moon.  With the advent of the Silver Moon, a rift has formed in the religion where some have left the worship of Hexate for this new goddess.  The priestesses of Hexate are having none of that and have so far been able to drive this worship underground through fear and assassination of both the rebel cultists and permissive politicians.  But a magical Civil War is brewing as those that turn to the Silver Moon are beginning to outclass the Hexate priestesses as practitioners of magic.

Grellics tend to have open attitudes toward sex — particularly homosexuality.  The Sacred Band is a respected military troop composed completely of paired men and paired women who fight for both love and honor.

Grellics tend to have curly hair and attractive features.  They are a handsome people.