Gazetteer – 03a15 – Humans


There is a strong relationship between the soul of a creature and the thought rune.  Only Lohicarmix, Jukal, or Mith would know the reason, but scholars who know of the Book of Creation (a DC30 feat in its own right) have postulated that the soul performs the same function as speech or writing in language.  Thoughts can be imagined in the mind, but if those thoughts are not expressed in some way, they can’t have much effect on the world.  Scholars express their thoughts in books and lectures.  Cora, they believe, expressed her thoughts with humanity.

Elves will acknowledge that the immortality of the human soul is more durable than the elven soul given the elven soul’s physical vulnerability, but they stop far short of agreeing that souls are the expression of Cora’s thoughts.  Many elves lived with Cora during the Age of Elves and the Age of Dragons and she never showed the slightest interest in humans as a creature. Antisocial elves sometimes refer to humans as smudges on the page or “smudges” for short.

What is inarguable is how prosperous the human race been in Oklos.  Human populations far exceed those of any other race even if you exclude orcs which technically are just a cursed human race.  Humans are strong with the war rune is probably the reason.  War and thought predominate in most races of man.

Due to their numbers, many sub-races of humans have formed.

  1. Farsky
  2. Grellic
  3. Ineran
  4. Latone
  5. Monsin
  6. Pharon
  7. Runic
  8. Silken
  9. Snowy
  10. Tanla
  11. Volstok
  12. Windon