Gazetteer – 03a09 – Giants


Giants are the antithesis of dwarves by design.  Mith created the giant rune as a counterpoint to the dwarf rune to limit the stature of dwarves.  The melding of the giant rune with the thought rune created unforeseen consequences – a race of very hungry creatures.  The hungriest of these became Titans and are detailed somewhat in the history section written about the Age of Titans.

Oklos was one of these creatures and was originally called Truth Eater as he journeyed across the world consuming all the truth rune he could find.  As the world became a world without truth, Truth Eater’s hunger ebbed.  The substantial amount of law rune that had built up within him governed his actions.  He stopped consuming truth and instead seasoned other consumables with its savory flavor.  Despite his titanic nature, Truth Eater became trustworthy.

When Jukal came to him in his desperate plan to drown the world, Oklos said he would do so, but would not drown his kin.  The Laughing Man had betrayed him leading to the death of his daughters and Oklos would not do the same to his own kind.  Jukal agreed, but said that the giants would have to be set apart from the other creatures because they would dominate if they were the only race that was not affected by the flood; living through one Age of Titans was enough for the Grable Emperor.

Oklos agreed and told his people to journey to the north in the lands east of Twindernight where he would sever the continent along a weak spot marked by a line of hot springs.   The Great Titan snapped off that part of Oklos before Jukal slew the colossal earth beast holding up the rest of the land.  When Oklos raised the land back out of the sea, the Land of Giants was separated from the rest of the continent by the Boiling Sea.

Some giants either didn’t hear or didn’t heed Oklos’s warning.  Most of those giants died in the flood, but some of them survived through luck or daring much like the rest of the races of the world.

Giants behave in most waves as traditional giants detailed in gaming books except maybe even hungrier.  A giant must consume 10 calories per pound per day or become enraged with hunger  Some giants weigh over 10,000 pounds which means two cows a day minimum would comprise a healthy diet.  A clan of giants can consume a hold herd of cows in a matter of days.

Fortunately, in Giant Land, many crops and livestock grow to giant size.  Giants coming to the mainland is what causes problems.