Gazetteer – 03a09 – Giants



  1. A giant on average needs to consume an awesome amount of calories a day. A whole cow has about 500,000 calories. An average 150lb person has about 75,000 calories in them.Giant Land was created by Air Eater as a prison for Water Eater, the most dangerous of all the titans during the Age of Titans. Water Eater remains there to this day living off the ground water that drips down to it from the surface. More water would descend to Water Eater’s undying thirst if not for the giants that live on Giant Land. Many think the giants are imprisoned on Giant Land much like Water Eater, himself. This is false. The giants on Giant Land began as jailors of Water Eater whose unquenchable fires would destroy all life on Oklos.
  2. Stone giants built earthen works that would catch as much ground water as they could and would redirect it away from the core of the island where Water Eater dwelled. Fire Giants worked the deep tunnels where they would stab, beat, and whip Water Eater daily to diminish his power. Many of these giants sacrificed their lives for this endeavor. Frost Giants remained aloof from this process greatly raising the ire of the Fire Giants who sacrificed much more for the common good.
    In Oklos, there is a type of giant for every rune. There are also giantborn who are runic adan with giant rune blood. Peace Giants, Life Giants, and Water Giants. Peace Giants are most common in Tanlavar (gorillas). The immortal Life Giants are most common in Abèl and Farsky. Water Giants (whales) are found in every ocean and sea.
  3. War Giants were incorporated into the ongoing battle between Frost Giants and Fire Giants. Through interbreeding, there is no pure war giant as both fire and frost giants are technically war giants, also.
  4. Storm Giants were the de facto rulers of Giant Land during the Age of Runes and the Age of Chaos. They oversaw the imprisonment of the Fire Titan and bullied the other giants into foregoing the call of the Beast in the war that saw the Beast fall for good. Dugrane worshiping fire giants rebelled against Storm Giant rule to fight on the side of law in the Great Battle. The other giants tired of the Storm Giants’ arrogance sided with the fire giants. The Storm Giants were forced out of Giant Land to the land now called Lightning River. There, they have found a new conflict against the dark elves and are pinned in by the evil lands of the Skull Baron, the Dugrane worshiping people of True Law, the drow of Twindernight, and the King of the North in Darkdoven. Fortunately, water giants have come to the storm giants aid and limit the capacity of giant raiders from crossing the boiling sea to attack the storm giants again. Storm Giants are also sending emissaries to the good kingdoms of men to ally with the “children” of Oklos to stave off giant expansion; an expansion storm giants feel would weaken the bonds on Water Eater and threaten to release the Fire Titan to destroy all of Oklos.
  5. Since the gods were created to battle the giant rune, giants don’t have any gods of their own. Some fire giant kings have come to serve Dugrane. Some frost giants serve Bjorg, a demon lord who was a former frost giant who became seduced by the Laughing Man’s Cult in God’s Law and forewent the peace of the plane of death for the turmoil of the plane of chaos upon his death. Bjorg was captured and then impersonated by Baron Memory of the Skull Barons. Most of his followers moved to the Skull Barony to serve the impostor. When the fake Bjorg was exposed by the Heroes of Atlas to be Orcus, Bjorg was freed from the Baron’s dungeon.  The  demon giant  returned to the plane of chaos. Those frost giants who followed him are now under the leadership of a frost giant bard named Aslar Skaldhammer. They view Bjorg as weak and no longer pay him homage. Aslar is gaining fame among all frost giants, even those still in Giant Land, and many of these giants hope for Aslar to return to giant land to lead them. Bjorg is seeking a way back into his people’s good graces and has aligned with the drow of Twindernight in an effort to do so. The drow are in an ongoing war with the storm giants of Lightning River and send other emissaries to Giant Land to forge alliances with the other giant races in an effort to depose the snooty Storm Giants.
  6. Bomba Goodgiant is the only known harmony giant. He wears colorful clothes with over-sized boots and a big floppy hat. He stands about 25 feet tall and has deep ebony skin and a large grin with pearly white teeth. He is in love with the river goddess, Tabitha, who lives in the Golden Goose River. When he swims in those waters he giggles and laughs and beams with happiness. Bomba Goodgiant is beloved by all giants and he can calm a squabble between even the most hated giant enemies. He despised the Laughing Man and didn’t join his forces like most giants did when battling the Grables. His true enemy though is Higgel and he will go out of his way to stomp on and eat his worshipers. Bomba needs an amazing 500,000 calories of food a day. To satiate himself without disrupting the environment, Bomba has learned to become omnivorous like the elves and supplements his diet with giant-sized vegetables he grows on the banks of the Golden Goose River. He also makes potent ale rich with calories that will floor a human drinker with anything more than a few tiny sips.  All giants crave this intoxicating drink.  He travels around Giant Land with a massive wagon pulled by a team of giant horses selling the ale to the other giants. An anthropomorphic giant badger with opposable thumbs and magical powers named Fergus is his constant companion.  A keg of Goodgiant Ale sells for
  7. Frost Giants are a beautiful race with handsome features and ivory skin. They rival cloud giants in aesthetics though they are much more warlike than their taller cousins and don’t have the patience to craft beautiful things like Cloud Giants do. Frost Giants need to consume 130,000 calories a day.
  8. Fire giants are an unattractive race with sooty skin that smells of smoke. A hall full of fire giants whiffs of a smoky bar at midnight with no “non-smoking” section available. Just being around a fire giant causes your clothes to smell like bad cigars the next day. Fire giant males are jealous of the beauty of the frost giant females which makes the ugly fire giant females particularly ornery. Fire Giants need to consume 160, 000 calories a day.
  9. Hill giants are called runt giants by the other giant races. They have no other rune guiding them and are exceptionally stupid. The drow are making strong inroads with the hill giants providing their leaders with night metal circlets that add +6 to intelligence. These circlets only work at night though. Dumb by day, smart by night. Hill giants only need about 90,000 calories a day though they crave more.
  10. Stone giants are smiths and craftsman much like dwarves. The two races would probably have a lot to talk about except for the stone giants’ insatiable hunger for dwarven flesh/clay. They have smooth gray skin, chiseled features, and are hairless – even the females. Aside from desiring to eat dwarves, stone giants don’t like the other races of Oklos very much. They tend to keep a “giants only” approach to their social gatherings. That said, they are pretty open to all the giant races and will work and socialize with those races freely to the point of their being very few pure stone giant communities. They are particular favorites of Bomba Goodgiant and Bomba calls stone giants his “helpers.” The admiration is returned tenfold and there’s nothing that Bomba could ask a stone giant that the giant wouldn’t do. Storm Giants need to consume about 110,000 calories a day, but if its dwarven flesh/clay used to season a stew they only need 11,000 calories and have no other food cravings until dawn the next day.
  11. Cloud Giants – Cloud Giants are actually mobility giants though their power over that rune is surprisingly limited. They can also run really fast without tiring. They have impressive, athletic physiques and are the most attractive of the giant races. The entire race’s goal seems to be the construction of a levitating castle that would rest on the top of a cloud and enable the cloud giants to float around Oklos at their whim.  They could launch raids into all of the kingdoms of the “children” living there. They believe it is a form of magic that was lost to them and they want to rediscover it. Truth is, there has never been a sighting of any cloud castle or ruins of a fallen cloud castle to support the legend. Scholars believe that cloud giants are probably remembering an ark that they sailed on during the time of the great flood that they believed was floating in the sky. Other scholars think that theory is flawed because Giant Land didn’t sink during the Great Flood. Still, the cloud giants believe the legend with conviction and will seek to learn/take any flying magic they come across. A group of Cloud Giants inhabit the mountains near Zephyr in efforts to learn the secret of constructing magic carpets. Given those wonders, how is a cloud giant castle not possible? A cloud giant needs to consume 160,000 calories a day.
  12. Storm Giants – Storm Giants are cerebral, introspective, magical giants that helped Fire Eater cage Water Eater beneath giant land. They enjoy good art, good food, conversation, reading, learning, dancing and games. They have green skin and darker green hair and beards. They wear loose clothing preferring to let their skin “breath.” They have long aquiline noses that dominate their facial features. They are an attractive race of giant diminished a bit by an air of haughtiness. Their other flaw is nearly dragonish level of desire for wealth and magic. They are more than happy to accept gifts not to eat you.
  13. Chaos Giants – most giants unwittingly corrupted by the chaos rune become chaos giants. Chaos giants have hunchbacks, twisted faces, and bumps covering their heads and bodies some of which looking like pimples ready to pop. Giant societies don’t punish those that are transformed this way and chaos giants (called Fomors) walk freely among giant communities. Chaos giants are considered impure though and other giants look upon them as giants who have contracted a pitiful disease. Some chaos giants have fled this pity to form their own outcast societies. These giants have no interest in jailing Water Eater and often venture to Oklos to raid and plunder. Some though have begun to worship the captive of the island. This dangerous threat is empowering Water Eater and volcanic eruptions plague Giant Land as Water Eater thrashes against his bonds. Chaos giants are gluttonous and require 300,000 calories a day or they fly into a berserk rage killing and eating everything in their path until they get those 300,000 calories the hard way.