Gazetteer – 03a04 – Dhampir


Though dhampirs existed before the Age of Magic, their numbers swelled when Calgillien slew the Beast for good.   Calgillien was the first vampire, but was cured by the tears of his love, Jaslia.  This happened toward the end of the Age of Runes.  Once healed, his blood became a cure for other vampires who no longer wished to be undead.  Many of the vampire host under his command drank from his body and joined him in a peaceful afterlife.  Those that abstained or were not present when Calgillien offered this gift remained vampires under a new lord, Attilien the Dark.

When Calgillien returned to the world with those same warriors that chose peace over vampirism, their storm of vengeance created a holy rain that destroyed vampires on touch.  The only protection against this rain was to relinquish many of their powers of vampirism and become shadows of their former selves.  These reduced vampires were very similar to the dhampir and thus adopted the name as well.

True vampires are now extremely rare and the Silver Moon limits their ability to procreate.  Though some dhampir still live in the north in the realms of Darkdoven and Twindernight, a vast majority of these creatures have moved to the hill country east of Haran.  So many dhampirs have settled there in the last decade that the region is now named after their race.

Vampires worshiped Orcus at the end of the Age of Runes.   This sparked Demogorgon to try to exterminate the race. Dhampir hate the prince of demons and  many heroes of the dhampir dedicate their lives to the banishment of Demogorgon from Oklos, forever.

For game purposes, the race of dhampir function much like what is listed in the Advanced Race Guide published by Paizo except they are not loners in the region of dhampir, they are a powerful ethnic group organizing for some dark purpose.