Gazetteer – 03a0310 – Troll


Trolls are a form of chaos that emerges out of the terrain type in which the corrupting influence forms.  Filled with the stasis rune much like plants, trolls do not like to migrate out of their environment.  Swamp trolls live in swamps, mountain trolls live in mountains, cave trolls live in caverns, sand trolls live in deserts, and snow and ice trolls live in the north.  Dark trolls are called trolls mistakenly because they are not chaotic nor related to true trolls in any way.

True trolls are difficult to kill as they all regenerate. They tend to be stupid and disorganized and a dangerous encounter to individuals, but rarely a large scale threat to large communities.  Bloody a troll and it will likely just walk back home to heal and leave you alone for a while.  Try and kill a troll with fire or acid and you will make it mad driving it into a suicidal frenzy hell bent on slaying the offender.