Gazetteer – 03a0309 – Tengu


When chaos taints the dragon rune, the result is a weak creature that covets wealth like its more powerful relatives, but does not have the ability to procure wealth by force.  Instead, these sneaky, conniving creatures rob from others and carry these ill-gotten gains back to their nests.  Few tengu are foolish enough to actually rob from dragons and if encountered near a dragon lair the tengu are usually serving the dragon in various ways.

Fearful by nature, a tengu tribe will often steal wealth for a dragon’s hoard in exchange for protection from other threats.  These tribes will take pride in the size of those dragon’s hoards and will boast about them to other tengu tribes as if the wealth was their own.  If the unusual daring tengu robs from another dragon’s hoard and brings the gift back to their own dragon there will be much squawking in triumph.

Dragons remain aloof to most of this hootenanny, but if they lose wealth from their hoard to another dragon they might seek revenge on their own tengu tribe as punishment for allowing it to happen.  Rarely is the transgression large enough that the dragon will actually demand the treasure back from the benefitting dragon’s hoard.  Tengu behavior is too insignificant for dragon’s to get worked up about.  But if it is a particularly prized item that is stolen dragons have been known to fight to the death over such a disagreement.

There is a form of tengu that has scaly hides instead of feathers.  These tengu tend to be smaller than the others of the race and are more commonly called kobolds.  Kobolds and tengu are on friendly terms, but do not mate as the feathered tengu would hate to bear children that are so scaly.  Kobolds sometimes rob tengu graves to obtain feathers from which they make ridiculous looking cloaks in failed attempts to mimic their enviable cousins.  To envy a tengu is to realize just how low on the totem pole a kobold resides.