Gazetteer – 03a0307 – Snakemen


When the Beast fell creating the Chaos Waste in the land of Abèl, the entire continent underwent a shock of chaos.  The Abèllite people  had been removed from the wars with the Beast on Oklos and were ill-prepared for the chaotic residue of the 100 mile high carcass of the Beast that fell upon their land.  Chaos rune power radiated out from the corpse in waves of corrupting force.  The traditional battle of Mujmora (god of night) and Pupta (goddess of cats) was replaced with a desperate scramble against Armageddon.  Oklos did not drown the chaos on the land of Abèl like he did on the lands to the north so the Abèllites were forced to battle these forces on their own and they were losing – badly.  The priestesses of Pupta prayed for a miracle from their goddess and she rewarded them with an army of angels in the form of cats that were fierce warriors against the forces of chaos.  They were also equally deadly against the snake minions of Mujmora.

This army drove the forces of chaos back to the body of their deposed lord and down through the wound in its heart to the caverns of the underworld.  Jukal had not only pierced the heart of the beast, but also punctured the lining between the world and the plane of death.  He needed the full power of the death rune that its plane provided to insure the warping, corrupting power of the Beast could not somehow reanimate itself.

Once the forces were driven back into the caverns of death, Pupta herself arrived and covered the 100 mile long body of the Beast like a cat covering its refuse in a litterbox.  Mujmora did not interfere because he too feared the Beast and was glad that its forces were gone.

What he did not realize was the reaction this neutrality would have among his worshippers and minions.  Many members of the Mujmoran sect viewed this inactivity as weakness and renounced Mujmora as their god.  These members began to idolize the fallen Beast as a power that would rise again and conquer the world and began to worship the Beast as the god, Dubleece, instead.  This worship gave power to the Beast again, but did not reanimate the body.  Still, those who worshipped Dubleece received benefits from their fallen god.  Dubleece replaced Mujmora as the snake god and Mujmora was forced to retreat into the jungles of southern Abèl as a minor deity with few worshippers.

In contrast, Dubleece worship thrived and the race of snakemen led the way.  At first snakemen were merely men who could polymorph themselves into snakes, much like Thulsa Doom in the movie Conan, but with time and continued corruption from Dubleece’s power, other forms of snakemen manifested.  Nagas, medusas, snakes with human torsos, basilisks, and evil couatl (feathered serpents) are all considered snakemen. When Dubleece was resurrected and then slain forever by Calgillien, the race of snakemen was set adrift.  They are now somewhat lost in their ways.  Many are returning to Mujmora who is happy to regain some of his lost power, but others retain the bitterness they have for the god of night, and search for a new divine power with which to align themselves.  Demogorgon might be that deity accept for his fondness for those hated gnolls.