Gazetteer – 03a0306 – Sahuagin


Little is known of these ocean raiders except that they are dangerous, herd sharks, and revere kraken.  Scholars speculate that these creatures are from the dark tapestry or some ocean layer of the Abyss, but nothing has been proved.

Sahuagin raid seaside communities to capture slaves that they then sacrifice to the kraken.

Tritons rage a perpetual war against these evil sharkmen, but they might be losing as sahuagin raids on ocean communities are becoming more brazen and more frequent.

The Emperor of Land and Sea who rules Greater Isbolar has sent ambassadors to all the good kingdoms of Oklos to organize a summit to combat this burgeoning problem.

The major presence of the sahuagin in Oklos at the moment is in the Katkaista strait, but the Tritons have warned others to not be deceived, these demons of the deep are everywhere.

Boats gone missing, persistent poor catches amongst a fishing fleet, and livestock mutilations along the coast are all potential signs of a sahuagin problem.

Sahuagin seem to hatch from eggs and go through a tadpole stage where they eat hungrily and appear much like a large barracuda.  Soon they grow legs and arms and lose their tails to become the bipedal amphibians that humans are prone to encounter.

Sahuagin in the World of Atlas look much more like the original monster manual than the revised art seen in Pathfinder bestiaries.